Stewarding NCS towards success in the financial sector

A Lifelong Learner

When not dabbling in the works of nature, Rick is a voracious reader, keeping up with the latest happenings in the fintech industry. He believes in lifelong learning and takes lessons from people of all walks of life, including farmers with whom he volunteers. Rick is self-motivated to continuously improve himself and shares what he learns with those around him. These life lessons have allowed Rick to build up a wealth of experience and knowledge to tap on as Client Service Lead, Financial Services at NCS Singapore.

Over the last 30 years, Rick has accumulated deep experience in the financial services sector, of which, 18 were spent in senior leadership roles putting together high-performing teams across Europe, North and Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region. An expert in the design and development of advanced technology solutions and consulting, he is tasked to grow the client base in the financial services sector for NCS.

Helping Banks and Payment Providers Scale to Greater Heights

Rick envisions NCS capitalising on its capabilities to play a leading role in the financial sector’s transformation. With his sights set on developing strategic relationships, taking on more inventive work, and bringing long-term impact to clients’ businesses, Rick is keen to help banks and payment providers scale with the cutting-edge technology available in NCS, and help them get ahead with his fintech expertise.

Rick believes in innovating at the edge and transforming at the core, reflecting the transformative energy within NCS to help clients move ahead of the technology curve. His strategy for success is to keep challenging the status quo. Acknowledging the need to stay relevant and be responsive to market needs, Rick emphasises on the importance to upskill, either through individual efforts or by transferring learnings across relevant industries to gain market exposure. He advocates keeping one’s sights on the horizon and takes calculated risks to accelerate growth when opportunities arise.

Leading by Heart

Behind Rick’s drive to see others succeed is the belief that he needs to leave people, places, and organisations in a better state than when he found them. When taking on a client, Rick approaches their business as if it were his own, developing a strategic relationship to achieve the goals together. In addition, he has mentored countless professionals and helped them achieve their career goals. An approachable and hands-on leader, Rick is unfazed by getting his hands dirty – rolling up his sleeves and leading by example.

“When you borrow something, you should return it in better conditions than when you received it.  “

Rick is an ardent conservationist who believes nature should be conserved in its original state – an important practice as a diver who wants generations to enjoy the natural beauty of the marine world.  Outside of work, he enjoys golfing, sailing, scuba-diving, hiking and camping in remote wilderness.

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