Building competencies in data analytics

Gaining a headstart in data analytics with NUCLEUS

Sek Ee is an analyst under the Data Analytics Consulting team. Model building on Amazon Web Services, Sagemaker and fulfilling client needs are just some of the daily work he does. Sek Ee credits the NUCLEUS programme with giving him a platform to develop his technical skills in data science while pursuing a master’s degree which enhances his technical abilities and competencies in end to end data analytics processes.

Building hard and soft skills

A Business Analytics and Accountancy graduate from NTU, Sek Ee joined NUCLEUS in July 2020 after graduation. He was drawn to the opportunities to build on both his hard and soft skills through the programme. He shares that one of the most important skills that he has gained thus far is engaging with clients to consult and partner them to achieve their business goals.  As an analyst in NUCLEUS, Sek Ee is involved in the client meetings to clarify any doubts and align team strategy with client goals.

In addition to gaining on-the-job experience, Sek Ee has access to courses held in collaboration with the NUS Institute of Systems Science which help him work towards achieving a Master of Technology degree from NUS. Additionally, he actively participates in online courses on the company's Precipio learning platform.

Appreciating the intricacies of AWS suite

When asked what his most challenging task to date was, Sek Ee shared that familiarising himself with the Sagemaker platform was tough as using the platform to create solutions and other technically demanding services as part of the Amazon Web Services suite was something new to him. However, once he grasped the working of the system, he began to appreciate the routing between Amazon Web Services products.

Sek Ee’s advice to  aspiring nucleus candidates is to “take the chance to try out the roles available, you may be given the chance to work on different functions and tasks, so it is a good opportunity to learn as much as you can!”

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