Designing the future of transportation

Holistic Overview of Client’s Business 

When Shumit begins to put together a solution for a client, he always “begins with having a deep understanding of the client’s overall system as well as the key drivers which would underpin any transformative journeys they embark on”. Having a macro and micro understanding of the client's IT environment has helped him bridge relationships with clients and technical teams. As NCS’ Enterprise Architect, in the Transport Client Service Unit, Shumit also works with teams from other lines of business to develop point solutions. As the world embraces 5G and other emerging technologies, Shumit is keen to focus on re-imagining a data and insight-driven intelligent transportation system for Singapore, where the Internet of Things and other future technologies such as machine learning, AI, & extended reality intersect at scale to bring about a much higher degree of automation, insight and safety. 

Setting Sights on the Future 

In his role, Shumit aims to crystallise NCS' new identity and capabilities in new digital areas so that he can educate and share with clients the solutions to help them accelerate their digital transformation journey. His hope is that NCS will be recognised as a collaborative partner who can journey with the clients and provide consultative services, partnering them on their digitalisation efforts. 

Mentorship from Within 

Shumit has mentored large teams, across his career spanning more than 20 years’ of IT delivery experience. He believes in the effective development opportunities mentoring creates. However, when it comes to mentorship, he opines that a one-to-one mentorship may not necessarily succeed. To Shumit, mentorship starts from “the individual, understanding some of the best characteristics of different leaders and leadership styles, and aspiring towards adopting such characteristics so that they can learn and grow professionally”. Additionally, Shumit advises those who work in high-pressure environments to mentally recalibrate themselves and rejuvenate from time to time, to keep themselves motivated. Outside of his professional commitments at work, Shumit serves in Tech Talent Assembly (TTAB), a NTUC-affiliated national body that serves as a platform to nurture ICT talent in Singapore through learning and sharing future-ready skills. 

Appreciating The Intricacies Of Film And Watchmaking 

Much like his architectural work which involves building solutions to address clients’ needs, Shumit appreciates films that can delight audiences intellectually. His favourite genre of movie is classic Hitchcockian-style suspense and horror, where he appreciates the attention to creating a suspenseful and psychological plot. 

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