Charting the growth of digital transformation in Hong Kong

Leading Business Transformation in Hong Kong

An expert in the IT industry, Tony has an excellent track record with more than 30 years of experience specialising in sales, marketing and business management functions for market leaders in the IT industries. His wealth of experience in achieving business growth locally has allowed him to achieve success in the competitive market. Acknowledging that Hong Kong and Singapore share similar economic maturity, Tony intends to leverage on NCS’ proven success model in delivering solutions to key governmental and industry partners in Singapore to gain a competitive edge for the Hong Kong market. As Country Director of NCS Hong Kong & Macau, Tony believes there are learning points from the success in Singapore’s digitalisation journey that could benefit Hong Kong.

Pushing the Frontier for Digitalisation in a Changing World

A tenacious leader, Tony sees opportunity even in a post-COVID-19 world. Faced with challenges and uncertainty brought forth by the global pandemic, he is currently working on venturing into new areas to help companies turn this crisis into opportunity. For example, he sees a hybrid workforce where robotic process automation can help combat issues faced by a declining workforce due to immigration and an aging population. He is also collaborating with operations automation partners like ServiceNow to deliver digital workflow solutions for commercial customers. He will also emulate learnings from Singtel's transformation of its retail stores, which use video analytics technology, and apply it to Hong Kong's telecommunications operators. Tony believes in having to an astute understanding of the client’s business goals, and the translation of a business strategy into products that deliver positive impact.

Cultivating a Well-Balanced Team

Tony’s strategic vision is founded upon a well-balanced team of talent: one with expertise, experience, and drive. To execute a vision, it takes a talent pool which has just the right combination of senior staff with experience, as well as newer staff who have the potential to be nurtured. As a leader, Tony practices a cooperative and democratic model of leadership, which helps all parties involved achieve a win-win outcome. As and when there are points of friction, he resolves them by reminding everyone of their common objective. Tony believes that one should go into business with the goal of being more people-centric than completely profit-centric, because people ultimately pave the way for a company’s future success.

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