Women in Data Science

Interview with Xinyan

How did NCS help you make an impact in society, country or environment?

NCS provided me with the opportunity to work with an expanded network of clients across different industries, including financial services, insurance, transport, healthcare, government among others. I was able to explore, discover and apply how we can make use of data analytics to deliver tangible values and products to organisations.

A more concrete example is the process behind data analytics proof of concept and consultancy work that looks at improving operational efficiency, quality enhancement of customer service and mitigation of organizational risks.

As a part of the systems integrator team, I was able to witness how we deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients and operationalize smart nation initiatives

What is your most recent key milestone at NCS?

A great milestone in my NCS journey is my overseas rotation at Optus for a few months. I had the opportunity to network with fellow graduates, including the various Optus OB and NCSI colleagues and gain a better understanding of our foothold in Australia. It gave me the exposure to work in a new environment, quickly learn from my peers and deepen my skills to be able to deliver value to the project and immediate team.

“This opportunity at NCS would appeal most to...”

NCS offers exciting opportunities for those who have the challenger spirit, eagerness to learn in a fast-paced environment and those abreast of the latest development trends. It would also be important to genuinely enjoy working with clients to deliver what they need and welcome the exposure to work across different industries

Any advice for job applicants that would help them do well in their NCS interviews?

In complement to your technical skills, I would advise you to hone your soft skills as well. Such as consultancy, stakeholder or people management and presentation.

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