The deployment of smart solutions to digitalise healthcare workflows can help alleviate some of the pressures confronting the resource-strapped sector

Delivering patient-centric care

A fast-aging population, the rise of chronic diseases and a shortage of healthcare workers present serious challenges to the healthcare sector today. NCS’ vision for the Future of Healthcare seeks to address these issues through the use of technology to deliver "frictionless" patient care.

For example, robotics can help improve productivity by dispensing medication and providing concierge services for patients. Edge analytics and artificial intelligence can enhance the speed and quality of clinical decisions and provide valuable insights into the efficacy of treatments in order to improve outcomes. Patients themselves will be actively engaged in monitoring their own health through wearables and health monitoring apps.

We work with healthcare providers to embed these technologies into the healthcare workflow in order to deliver patient-centric care and provide support for healthy aging across the entire care continuum.

AI-powered solutions in tackling COVID-19 and beyond

Read this HIMSS exclusive interview with Healthcare Sector Lead Jim Lim and Director, Corporate Labs and Product Development, Yan Shixing. They detail our work with Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the Singapore Expo  Community Care Facility to manage healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic with NEXT Solutions such as RobotManager and AI-assisted robotic nursing assistants (RNA).

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Patient-centric Care Continuum

The future of healthcare will be shaped by the use of digital technologies to deliver "frictionless" patient care.

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