Engaging students through social learning

Developed by NCS, eNGage is a tablet e-book publishing platform to enable collaborative learning

At a secondary school in the western part of Singapore, students are eNGaged to learn in new ways that they never were before. Using their iPads, they are able to download learning materials produced by their
teachers using an app. Teachers and students can also insert annotations, photos and videos and share them in real time to enrich learning.

Developed by NCS, eNGage is a tablet e-book publishing platform that enables students to learn collaboratively. By consolidating all digital resources for learners and educators via a digital library, they can access information readily using a mobile device anytime, anywhere in the world. The students can download content and annotate it using freehand writing, videos, audio, images, text and hyperlinks. They can then share these via the eNGage platform with other students, employees or readers.

With the ease of communicating with each other, users will be encouraged to raise questions and share valuable insights with one another. Over time, this will help build an engaged learning and collaborative environment. eNGage also serves the wider publishing community, allowing educators, organisations and publishers to deliver content seamlessly to readers with easy-to-use features, while ensuring that their intellectual property remains protected. Publishers can also leverage the platform as an additional revenue channel and offer an electronic version, enriched with captivating multimedia content, on top of their print edition.

There are many potential applications for eNGage in the commercial world as well. The platform acts as a knowledge trove for staff who will have access to the resources provided by their organisation. With its unique social collaborative features, the users will be able to share their thoughts, ideas and notes effortlessly with like-minded people. And that’s how they will be truly eNGaged.