AI and Robotics in the Future of Healthcare

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About the Webinar

By this year, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) augmentation is estimated to generate 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally. This raises the question - how can this technology be integrated into healthcare? More importantly, how can it assist our healthcare systems? Watch our webinar on ‘AI and Robotics in the Future of Healthcare’ where industry experts share their insights on the viability of using AI-powered solutions to advance the healthcare industry.

In this webinar, our speakers will address how AI and Robotics play a crucial role in enabling a smarter and more efficient healthcare system to meet ever-increasing patient demands, and how emerging technologies can be leveraged to enhance healthcare services.


What We’ll Cover in this Session


Trends in Digital Health Technologies

Growth Drivers and Application of AI in Healthcare

AI & Robotics Research in NCS, including Case Studies

Panel Discussion on AI and Robotics in the Future of Healthcare


Hosted by:

Jim Lim, Sector Lead, Healthcare, NCS

Panelist Speakers:

  • Yan Shixing, Practice Lead, CorpLabs, NCS
  • Dr Yong Chern Chet, Chief Operating Officer, Good Doctor Technology
  • Raju Chellam, Fellow, ACE, NUS