The NEXT of Healthcare

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About the Webinar

What will the future of Healthcare be like in a post-COVID-19 world? How can Technology Augmented Healthcare be achieved? Watch this webinar as industry experts in NCS - Esther Chow, Jim Lim, Daniel Ng and NUS’ Teo Chin Seng share their visions for a future-ready healthcare system. Through the three lenses of Freedom, Security and Touch, our speakers will address how the industry can cope and reboot from the challenges and opportunities presented by the surge in demand caused by COVID-19.
What We’ll Cover in this Session

  • Overview of POV: NEXT of Healthcare by Esther Chow, Consulting Practice Lead, NCS
  • NEXT of Healthcare: Lenses on Freedom & Touch by Daniel Ng, Enterprise Architect, NCS
  • NEXT of Healthcare: Lens on Security by Jim Lim, Sector Lead, Healthcare, NCS
  • Panel Discussion: The Future of Healthcare through the lenses of Freedom, Security & Touch with invited guests, Teo Chin Seng, Fellow, ACE, NUS