Security Services

Combat Cyber Attacks and Threats

The rapid rise of global urbanisation and smart cities have driven government agencies and organisations around the world to look into innovative ICT solutions that can address future challenges to improve citizen engagement and competitiveness.
Against the backdrop of high ICT complexities, along with a hyper-connected environment and massive amount of data generated, many organisations are exposed to vulnerabilities such as malicious attacks and security threats. It is therefore important that every organisation has a strategy in place to combat attacks so that their data, infrastructure and network is protected.
NCS is your one-stop partner to address any of your security concerns from preventing unauthorised network access to establishing a security governance framework.

Managed Security Services (MSS) is designed to provide growing businesses and large enterprises with a comprehensive network security solution ensuring uninterrupted security protection. Read more.

The managed application firewall service enables organisations to identify, allow, block or limit the usage of thousands of applications. This extends beyond typical Managed Firewall Services through added capabilities that include application-based identification, user identification and content identification. Read more.

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is about catching small problems before they get escalated into bigger problems, and taking proactive steps to protect customers' network against unnecessary risks. It covers both monitoring and notification of security events. Read more.

The Secure Web Gateway (SWG) enhances your web security and optimises web performance across your organisation. Read more.

The Intrusion Prevention Services protects the assets and integrity of your organisation, giving you peace of mind for operating your business. Read more.

The Secure Email Gateway (SEG) safeguards the information gateway of your business by providing comprehensive email security and simplifying IT architecture for a safe and more effective business. Read more.