Innovative user-centric business applications

Enterprise Challenges

In this rapidly changing marketplace, enterprises are looking at various ways to gain higher returns on their IT investments and operations. They also are looking at innovative ways to acquire and administer their IT systems and business applications. 

Traditionally, IT systems and applications take far too much time and resources to deploy and maintain. This delay and inefficiency result in enterprises paying more to implement additional requirements in order to obtain the expected results. 

At the same time, employees are increasingly mobile and on-the-move. As they still require access to the corporate network and communicate with peers, a new set of security challenges will emerge for IT.  

Today, enterprises need to look for new ways to acquire and manage their IT systems and business applications. IT and corporate decision-makers are taking a close look at every aspect of their operations and considering new ways to address their day-to-day requirements.

Meeting Enterprise Needs

Designed to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace and a highly dispersed workforce, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model has emerged as a new alternative to traditional on-premise software and systems.

The use of SaaS-based applications has grown dramatically in recent years and this rapid acceptance is fuelled by lower cost of ownership and reduction in technical resources to implement and support an application.

Working with leading technology partners, NCS has developed numerous SaaS platforms to help IT professionals and corporate end-users make use of innovative user-centric business applications.

Messaging & Collaboration (M&C)

Messaging & Collaboration (M&C) is a suite of messaging management solutions catering to organisations in the government, enterprise, and SME sectors, comprising cost-effective and reliable end-to-end messaging managed services. M&C provides a wide range of on-demand services that include messaging, gateway, resilient, and collaboration. With high level of competency and operational excellence, clients can look forward to the complete suite of managed messaging services that is reliable, secure and completely scalable to support the organization’s systems.

Small Business
Enabling small business to establish web presence & identity, and conducting electronic communication.

Proven secured environment suitable for government organizations.

Tailor-made solutions to suit unique enterprise characteristics and environment.

Custom Solutions
Professional services from experienced and certified professionals

NCS - Google Service
In partnership with Google, NCS offers end-to-end consultancy, customization, application setup, migration, and integration for Google Apps Collaborations tools. Google helps enterprises harness the power of information through universal search, web-based messaging and collaboration, security and archiving solutions, and mapping tools.

Application Setup and Provisioning
  • Creation of Google user accounts
  • Google Apps initial setup and configurations
  • Single sign-on integrations to LDAP/AD
  • Existing application and infrastructure integrations
  • Migrations of data from existing system to Google Apps
  • Migration strategy to minimise impact and downtime
  • Creations of custom applications for use with Google Apps Environment
  • Best Practices for transition to Google Apps, training and project management
Managed Services
  • Onsite/Offsite technical support
  • Hosting Services, Call Centre support
Google Search Appliance
  • Planning, Implementation and configuration of GSA
  • Onsite/Offsite technical support

The NCS Experience

NCS prides itself in service excellence and ensures all of our customers' needs are supported with our extensive resources and expertise. We have implemented messaging solutions for many government and commercial clients since 1996, including:
  • Singapore government: Implementation of email system since 1997
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore: Management of MOE teacher’s email since 2002.
  • Commercial: Successfully implemented messaging service for major corporations such as Lafarge and Singapore Airlines.