Who are we?

Smart, safe and citizen-centric – these are the key tenets that underpin SURF (Solutions for Urbanised Future), NCS’ vision for a future where next-generation technologies are harnessed to empower individuals and create vibrant and sustainable communities.

Through SURF, NCS will create and deliver innovative solutions that impact the lives of residents and transform public services. Being an end-to-end smart city solution provider, we work closely with stakeholders across the value chain in transforming current city infrastructure to smart cities. This includes: collaboration with urban master planners to strategise on technology blueprints, design and development of smart city products that power smart city operations, and last but not least, delivery and support for smart city deployments.

Our Offerings

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Smart City Consultancy

We collaborate closely with best-of-breed urban planners to help customers envision technology landscapes - including total cost of ownership - to support the needs of citizens, enterprises and governments.

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Smart City Operating Platform

Introducing IntelliSURF™, our smart city operating platform that enhances situation awareness, improves operational efficiency and enables future-back scenario planning. It is designed to connect with a wide variety of data sources, and to synthesise information to support decision making.

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Smart City Applications

IntelliSURF™ comes with pre-built application modules that serve specific functionalities across industries. The open platform also provides third parties such as government agencies and enterprises the ability to create adaptors to connect with new data sources, and APIs to develop custom applications on top of the platform. 

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Smart City Delivery & Support Services

With years of proven track record as a systems integrator in Singapore, we offer the assurance of delivery on time, and continual support that goes above and beyond service requirements. Our experience in operating facilities that support mission-critical systems for governments and enterprises positions us well to provide smart city services using our best-of-breed products as well as partner offerings.

IntelliSURF™ - Our Smart City
Operating Platform

We believe the smart city of the future can only be enabled by actionable insights derived from the synthesis of data from a wide range of sources. This vision has guided us to develop IntelliSURF™, an open, interoperable and scalable smart city platform that can help governments and enterprises to:

  • ingest data from a wide range of sources (video, sensor, geospatial, social media, corporate information systems, etc.)

  • synthesise information to detect evolving situations, and to visualise them through a unified dashboard to provide real-time situation awareness

  • increase operational efficiency through automated responses with standard operating procedures, notification and collaboration tools

  • leverage mobility options to empower individuals on the ground with information and insights

A core IP developed by NCS, IntelliSURF™ is the next-generation smart city operating platform designed to help government agencies and enterprises take on the challenges confronting most urban landscapes today.

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Smart City Applications for a
Smarter Urban Infrastructure

IntelliSURF™ comes with a suite of widely-used smart city applications that are relevant for urban infrastructure today, spanning across the following use cases:

  Customer Experience


An indoor navigation tool to aid customers, visitors and employees to navigate large, complex building environments so as to save time and enhance user experience.

  Facility Management

Smart Carparking

Real-time parking lot availability data powered by weather-proof, magneto-resistive ground sensors.

Smart Washroom

Real-time monitoring of washroom conditions through sensors and advanced predictive analytics to optimise productivity.

Tag and Trace

Traceability and location intelligence of key assets and individuals, as well as alerts in cases of unauthorised exits or equipment usage above a pre-defined limit.



Our advanced physical security management software with unique patented 3D video fusion technology that can control a wide variety of subsystems through a single user interface.

Video Analytics for Security

Video content analysis of surveillance feeds to provide services such as intrusion detection, perimeter defense and detection of unattended objects, crowd detection, loitering and aggression.


Energy Meter Data Mgmt.

Remote gathering and analysis of energy meter data to improve energy usage and drive greater sustainability.

Water Meter Data Mgmt.

Enhanced efficiency with remote monitoring of water consumption levels and alert to unusual water usage scenarios.


An integrated outdoor and indoor lighting control management system that allows automated control of the lights (based on weather and light condition) and optimisation of power consumption over time.


Social Media Analytics

Discover and track trending topics over social media to make sense of sentiments on the ground to help organisations handle operational responses.

IntelliSURF™ has been designed as an open, modular platform with northbound APIs to develop custom applications and southbound adaptors to integrate to a wide range of data sources. This empowers our customers and partners to create tailor-made applications by connecting sensors suited to their specific industry needs.

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A Comprehensive Solution for Physical Security Management

Introducing IntelliSURF-Sentinel, our advanced 3D-based security management software designed to help organisations easily understand complex situations from video surveillance feeds, and thus enabled to administer timely, effective responses that protect key assets and personnel against increasingly complex security threats.

Product Highlights

  • 3D Visualisation and Video Fusion

Unique patented 3D video fusion technology, with video surveillance feeds projected accurately on top of a 3D map interface. This provides an immersive experience for operators to understand and respond swiftly to complex situations.

  • Automated Best View

As an operator navigates the 3D map interface with a 3D mouse, he or she is not required to manually select which cameras to view. Rather, IntelliSURF-Sentinel automatically projects videos from the most optimal cameras using a patented algorithm.

  • Unified Control of Security Devices

IntelliSURF-Sentinel is able to seamlessly integrate with any brand of security equipment, including video systems and recorders, access control systems, biometric systems, geographical information systems, GPS, gunshot detection systems, etc. allowing operators to control a number of subsystems from a single user interface.

Download the brochure here.

Success Stories for SURF

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Holistic smart habitat master planning

IntelliSURF™ lies at the heart of a smart hub that would transform the management of housing estates as part of Singapore's Housing Development Board's Smart Urban Habitat Master Plan.

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The next-generation electronic road pricing

The consortium of NCS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries would jointly develop the next-generation ERP system based on Global Navigation Satellite Technology. As the consortium lead, NCS would integrate the overall system and solution.

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A future-ready smart campus

NCS is enabling an Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore to transform their infrastructure into a smart campus, through our Smart CarParking and Video Analytics for Security applications on the IntelliSURF™ platform. This is expected to improve operational efficiency as well as  enhance experiences for students, staff and visitors.

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Public Safety

A safe city test bed with multiple agencies

NCS demonstrated IntelliSURF™ platform capability to improve situational awareness and operational efficiency in handling situations involving public safety as part of an initiative by Safety and Security Industry Programme Office (SSIPO).




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Smart City Applications

Real-Time Location Services

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Smart Carparking

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Smart Carparking

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Energy Meter Data Management

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Water Meter Data Management

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Access Control

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Crowd Detection (VCA)

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Crowd Detection (WiFi)

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Video Analytics for Security

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Human Resource Analytics

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IT Operations Analytics

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Smart Toilet Analytics

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Social Media Analytics

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WiFi Analytics

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