Solutions for Urbanised Future

Smart, Safe and Citizen-Centric Innovations

Smart, safe and citizen-centric – these are the key tenets that underpin SURF (Solutions for Urbanised Future), NCS’ vision for a future where next-generation technologies are harnessed to empower individuals and create vibrant and sustainable communities and cities.

Through SURF, NCS will create and deliver innovative solutions that impact the lives of residents and transform public services. An important aspect of our vision is to use technology to help solve problems and address challenges that arise from globalisation and rapid urbanisation.

NCS understands this evolving landscape and has designed the necessary tools to help build smarter cities. 

The creation of a Smart and Safe City will involve a whole chain of technologies. Key enablers include data and analytics, sensing technology, mobility, security, machine-to-machine, social networking and the cloud.

SURF will also lead smart city innovations in these six key areas: SURF@PublicSafety™, SURF@Transport™, SURF@Healthcare™, SURF@Education™, SURF@Enterprise™ and SURF@Energy™.

Intuitive machine-to-machine and sensing technologies capture in-depth intelligence that enable dynamic marketing, proactive customer service, and operational excellence.

Make sense of big data to provide insights that help enterprises better predict and determine actions they need to take to ensure business growth. 

Empower the workforce to stay connected on-the-go by engaging social network platforms and harness innovative ideas with mobility tools to facilitate collaboration.

The high volume of data and communications flowing through the cloud underscores the importance of protecting personal as well as corporate data against privacy and security risks. Providing a resilient and secure ICT environment is fundamental to smarter sustainability.