Trusted by World-Class Telcos

Telecommunication operators and service providers face increasing pressures to constantly deliver innovative services at lower costs, and develop new business models that can grow average revenue per user. They need cutting-edge IT solutions to help them deliver differentiated services to remain competitive in a fast-evolving market.

NCS' Telecommunication Industry Practice has helped the world's leading telcos and service providers address those challenges and expand their global footprint. Our service offerings support:

  • Network transmission
  • Core and access
  • Mobile and wireless and intelligent networks
  • Customer care and billing
  • Operations support
  • End-to-end network management
  • Enterprise resource management
  • Telco Engineering

Billing and Customer Care

  • Wholesale Pre-paid and Post-paid
  • Calling Cards
  • Contact/Call Centre
  • Internet Call Centre
  • Computer Telephony

Enterprise Resource Management

Enterprise resource management solutions equip enterprises with the capability to enhance operational efficiencies and business relationships across their value chain. NCS helps customers streamline their business processes and integrate these solutions to meet their unique business needs.  

NCS’ close partnerships with leading enterprise management software providers such as SAP and Oracle enable us to integrate solutions that support finance, payroll, human resource, and customer relationship management processes for our customers.

Operations Support Systems (OSS)

NCS implements OSS solutions to streamline and automate telecommunications processes in network management, fault management, service provisioning, activation, and assurance. Our workflow automation systems support the customer’s entire workflow from pre-sales, ordering, service provisioning to billing across different continents. Our solutions include:

  • Bandwidth Trading System
  • Submarine Cable Database
  • Fault Management System
  • Workflow Management

Telco Engineering

NCS develops, implements, and manage infrastructure and engineering projects for telecommunications operators and service providers. Our domain expertise ranges from transmission and switching systems to core and access networks, as well as mobile and wireless technology and IP-based switching or next-generation networks. Our solutions include: 

  • Transmission & Switching
    • IP Telephony, DCME. SDH Add/Drop Multiplexer, Digital X-Connect
    • VPN, Satellite Earth Station, VSAT
    • ATM and FR Switch, SS7 Programmable Switch
  • Core and Access Systems
    • Digital Network, Remote Access Systems
    • Value Added Services
    • Internet Security Firewall, Audio Bridge, Voice Mail Platform
    • Unified Messaging Systems, Cell Broadcast, SMS, Calling Card Platform
  • Mobile and Wireless Systems
    • Unified Messaging Systems
    • Short Messaging Systems
    • 3G Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Network Systems