Paving the way for Greater Efficiency

To compete effectively in today's economy, transportation operators and service providers must be able to harness technology to maximise capacity and improve efficiencies within their infrastructure. They also need to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. Businesses and commuters expect only the highest standards of safety, reliability, efficiency, and quality from transportation service providers.

Meeting Transportation Needs

NCS has strong technology expertise in the specialised realms of air, land, and sea transportation.

We have skillsets in consultancy, design, implementation, and management to architect a holistic solution that caters to our customers' unique business requirements. We deliver transportation efficiency and safety, and are the leading provider of technologies that include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Features-Based CAD, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Document Management Systems, Workflow, Web-based applications, and e-commerce.  

Our transportation solutions encompass:

  • Land Transportation Systems
    • Electronic Road Pricing
    • Electronic Travel Guide
    • Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing
    • One-stop Motoring Portal
    • Road Information Management System
    • Traffic and Incident Management
    • Traffic Planning and Design
    • Traffic Monitoring
    • Transport-on-Demand
    • Border Control - Vehicle Entry Permit/Toll
    • Rail Information System
  • Port Management Systems
    • Port Planning
    • Port Management
    • Workflow Management
  • Transport Engineering Systems
    • Traffic and Transportation Solutions
    • Security Access and Monitoring
    • Information Displays and Communications
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • SCADA Application

Airport & Aviation

NCS’ communications engineering arm has provided quality airport and infrastructural solutions to one of the world's best air transport hub, Singapore Changi Airport. We have also assisted local and overseas airport operators in their delivery of efficient and reliable air traffic control, communications, and security.

Our services span the entire spectrum of aviation, including consultancy, integration, implementation, maintenance, and training. As a strategic partner of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) since the 1950s, we have delivered support for Kallang Airport and today continue to facilitate the operations at Changi Airport Terminal 3. We also provide aviation services and solutions in various airport projects in China, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

  • Air Traffic Control Systems

    NCS delivers world-class Air Traffic Control operations through proven methodology as well as management and maintenance capabilities. We integrate leading-edge technologies such as Multilateration and Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) and ATC systems, and provide 24x7 maintenance services, keeping critical systems compliant with ICAO standards. We help ensure an airport's ATC system meets growing airspace demand.

  • Communications Systems

    A pivotal component for the safe and smooth operation of any international airport is its communications system. NCS has relevant technical capabilities and extensive experience to deliver robust communications systems for airports. These include:

    • Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) / Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) Message Handling System
    • High Frequency/Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency Communications
    • In-Building/Outdoor Radio Frequency (RF) Coverage
    • Two-way Radio Systems
  • Passenger Terminal Building Systems

    Essential building facilities must be able to support any new deployment to ensure efficient operation of the installed systems. NCS has the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide airports systems that support the most complex requirements. These include:

    • Airport Operational Database System (AODB)
    • Flight Information Display System
    • Resource Management System
    • Airport Operations and Crisis Centre
    • Converged IP Infrastructure
    • Public Announcement System
    • Integrated Security System