Empowering actionable insights through Artificial Intelligence

NCS’ unifAI platform is a one-stop IoT portal that allows users to have a consolidated view of all connected IoT devices and their corresponding conditions. With in-built Artificial Intelligence, unifAI enables users to receive actionable insights based on trends and analysis from connected IoT devices. Users are able to customise the widget-based dashboard based on their preferred mode of data visualisation for greater understanding.



A.I. on your IoT data stream

unifAI can leverage its Machine Learning ability to automatically identify patterns and detect anomalies in the data that smart sensors and devices generate - information such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, vibration and sound.

Compared to the traditional business intelligence tools - which usually monitor for numeric thresholds to be crossed - machine learning approaches can make operational predictions up to 20 times faster and with greater accuracy.

NCS unifAI Artificial Intelligence



Improved decision-making

Whether rule-based or empowered by Machine Learning, unifAI is able to process and handle all conditions perfectly, thus truly turning data into insights that drive new solutions. This could drive many use cases in many key industries and sectors with a focus on the following:

  • Optimisation
  • Asset Utilisation
  • Real-time Visibility
  • Preventive Maintenance
NCS unifAI Artificial Intelligence IoT




Self-customisable to suit your needs


unifAI is your one-stop access point with an intuitive visualisation dashboard that you can easily customise using the widget builder, so as to:

  • Create real-time dashboards that provide instant visibility into your organisation’s overall health and efficiency
  • Track KPIs with one-click reporting and communicate performance and statistics across business units
  • Choose from an array of customisable charts and string them together for unifAI to self-orchestrate the IoT data
NCS unifAI Artificial Intelligence IoT

Industry applications


Predictive Maintenance

To reduce downtime and costs

Demand Forecast

To predict heating, cooling, lighting needs to optimise energy consumption

Anomaly Detection

To schedule maintenance and reduce wastage


Production Flow Monitoring

To eliminate wastage

Connected Factory

To manage equipment remotely by Global Ops teams to better manage costs

Predictive Maintenance

To enable condition-based maintenance alerts that help eliminate downtime

Quality Control

To identify and correct quality issues

Inventory Management

To monitor inventories and optimise supply


Fleet Management

To track fleet location, vehicle condition and delivery status


To receive alerts from route deviation

Inventory Management

To track inventory items

Predictive Analytics

To enable better route planning and identification of defects


ER Wait Time Optimisation

To reduce waiting time for triage patients

Remote Patient Monitoring

To reduce hospital wait time and inpatient care and costs

Resource Management

To track critical staff members, hardware and patients for availability, accessibility and safety


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