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Interview with Kate Fu

What attracted you to join NCS?

I was drawn to join NCS because of its credibility and heritage as the biggest IT solutions company in Singapore. NCS also offers the possibility to be able to work across different industries and thus providing a wide range of job opportunities.

What is the greatest positive impact working at NCS has had on your personal and professional life?

Working at NCS has shown me how to face all challenges with a fighting spirit, to keep an open mind to learning every day and to always strive to do better. I have also found a foundation in my colleagues’ support as we have treated each other like family.

“A Project Manager role at NCS would appeal most to...”

Having enjoyed this role for quite some time, this role would appeal most to those who thrive on taking on daily challenges and enjoy the responsibilities around people management.

Any advice for job applicants that would help them do well in their NCS interviews?

In my experience, having an understanding knowledge of NCS’ brand strategy, vision, and mission would be helpful and impressive as this would show them that you are aligned with their overall goals and overall direction.

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